Live Streaming Video CDN. Our Live Streaming P2P Video HLS & MPEG-DASH CDN Boosts Streaming.

The Fastest Delivery Network Globally
Don't take our word for it, check out the CDN benchmarking reports by Cedexis (Citrix)

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A new type of Multi-CDN

MultiCDN as a Service connects every viewer to the best possible source! Today, the Peer5 MultiCDN network combines 15 global CDNs, fully tuned for video delivery and orchestrated with our real time routing logic. It’s the world’s fastest, most resilient CDN, which takes your viewers quality of experience to a whole new level, whether they are watching from San Francisco or Kathmandu.

Why fifteen? True, sometimes all it takes is one. This is not for those times. When the going gets tough, our network keeps going. 3-4 CDNs are just not enough when you're trying to stream mega events, reach low-bandwidth viewers or have a fully global coverage.

Liang Tian Lino Networks "Working with Peer5 is like having an extra team member to manage video delivery for, and the performance is great."
-- Liang Tian, Head of Infrastructure, Lino Networks
P2P Multi-CDN For MPEG-Dash & HLS
Smart CDN Our system has a complete view of server- and client-side network conditions and can avoid most QoE events from ever happening. The events data is fed back to the system and used for future decisions.
Real time mid-segment switching We built a highly robust client side switching technology capable of avoiding congestion and overcome performance issues in real time, down to the segment level.
Video CDN Runs On The Cloud
Network tuned for video We fine-tuned the CDNs for best throughput with QUIC, BBR, origin shielding and more.
QoE Analytics Dashboard
QoE analytics dashboard We collect real client-side data to monitor the performance of each CDN and display it in our user friendly dashboard.
Unified API & UI
Unified API & UI One API and a control panel to manage all the networks with simple and consistent interfaces.
Our partners in content delivery
When you use Peer5 MultiCDN you get access to these CDNs
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2500 PoPs, 164 countries & 400 Tbps combined
Peer assisted delivery for last mile delivery
Multi CDN as a Service
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