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CDN vs eCDN. What’s Best for Enterprise Video Delivery?

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A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a geographically distributed network of servers that function to provide fast delivery of internet content to disparate users at different times. An eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) solves the peak content demand problem inherent in corporates (webcasts, training, town hall meetings) and is usually a better fit for enterprise video delivery.

The Challenge for Enterprises with video delivery

Training, all-hands meetings, town hall meetings and webcasts are an important part of large enterprises. Unreliable video with high latency and disruptive buffering is a problem though because this will cause an employee’s mind to wander and lose interest. A reliable enterprise video streaming solution is therefore important.

While internal corporate networks are fast and support high bandwidth, their internet connection (outside of the corporate network) is often limited. Whenever an internal event takes place that requires live video streaming or VoD (Video on Demand), a large number of employees will attempt to access video content at the same time. This means that potentially thousands of HD video streams are requested concurrently – but the downlinks usually found in enterprise networks cannot withstand this demand. This is a problem, especially since these employees experience very high-quality video in their daily lives.

What are Content Delivery Networks and what purpose do they serve?

A CDN (Content Delivery Networks) is a network of servers placed around the world in order to bring content geographically closer to the consumer. The intention is to reduce bandwidth consumption costs and increase content quality to the consumer. CDN services are a popular choice in media and higher education, among others. They can assist with page load speeds, handle high traffic loads, and reduce bandwidth consumption.

But this isn't necessarily relevant if you are running an internal (localized) corporate network, where video delivery for all employees at the same time is important. In an enterprise, video content presents a peak demand problem, something that users of traditional CDN’s don’t usually face.

What are Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (eCDN)?

An eCDN is an enterprise CDN that is designed to deliver content fast within the corporate network. An eCDN is based on the same concept of a traditional CDN, but is modified for enterprise networks to solve the peak demand problem, by making the best use of the robust internal corporate network. Different eCDN methodologies exist, each with their own pros and cons.

Enterprises may use a caching edge server solution, multicast, or Peer to Peer (P2P) to meet their video delivery needs. Have a look at this article for a discussion about these methods.

CDN vs. eCDN – What is the right solution for your enterprise?

If your enterprise has live events where many employees need to watch the same content, at the same time, consider an eCDN solution for the needs of your enterprise. However, your choice of eCDN service provider for your enterprise is important.

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