Live Streaming Video CDN. Our Live Streaming P2P Video HLS & MPEG-DASH CDN Boosts Streaming.

The Serverless CDN

P2P Multi-CDN Video CDN For HLS & MPEG-DASH Peer5 is a peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network (P2P CDN) for massively-scaled, high-quality streaming. We’ve built a peer-assisted mesh network that integrates seamlessly with existing edge server infrastructure and dramatically improves its performance, creating the ultimate Multi-CDN.

By turning viewers into nodes, we’ve solved the two biggest problems in streaming: scalability and geographic coverage. In fact, our network is effectively the most elastic and distributed CDN in the world.

  • Multi-CDN StreamingWe reconstruct (in JavaScript !) the stream from chunks that are delivered from both the edge server and the P2P CDN simultaneously.Streaming CDN FAQ
  • HLS & MPEG-DASH CDNCDN supports HLS and MPEG-DASH. We are compatible with all of the tools you use to deliver these industry standard streams.Streaming CDN FAQ
  • Managed SaaSP2P CDN coordination is handled by our robust infrastructure which runs on Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.Streaming CDN FAQ
  • WebRTC PoweredBased on HTML5 standards (WebRTC, Media Source Extensions), our P2P Video CDN is install-free, secure, ultra-fast and multi-platform.Streaming CDN FAQ
  • Private & SecureAll communication is encrypted. Video streams are never written to disk / physical media. Each broadcaster has its own dedicated CDN.Streaming CDN FAQ
Integrating Peer5's Video CDN
  • 1. Add Peer5 JS To
    Your Video Site
      Embed the Peer5 MPEG-Dash or HLS P2P Multi-CDN. Test Our Live Streaming CDN, Video CDN.

    • Simply register to get an API Key
    • Copy and paste Peer5's JS into your site
    • HLS and MPEG-Dash-compatible CDN
  • 2. Video Streaming CDN
    Instantly Gets To Work
      Peer5's HLS And MPEG-Dash Multi-CDN Layer Jumps Into Action. P2P Video CDN.

    • P2P Multi-CDN jumps into action
    • Users stream faster without interruption
    • Plugin-free P2P Video CDN
  • 3. HLS Or MPEG-DASH Streams
    Load Using P2P CDN
      Peer5's Multi-CDN Video CDN. Video CDN For MPEG-Dash and HLS.

    • Users receive better streams
    • Content providers lower bandwidth
    • Everybody wins with Multi-CDN
Peer5's Multi-CDN Architecture
P2P CDN, Multi-CDN Architecture. Video HLS CDN & MPEG-Dash CDN.
Sample code - Video CDN with JW Player
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- Peer5 library -->
    <script src="//"></script>
    <!-- JWPlayer 7 -->
    <script src="/jwplayer7.js"></script>
    <!-- Peer5 plugin for JWPlayer 7 -->
    <script src="//"></script>
    <div id="player"></div>
        var player = jwplayer('player').setup({
          // we specify our HLS stream url
          file: '//'

Our Video CDN API can be customized, supports HLS and MPEG-Dash, and has more goodies available.
See our Video CDN FAQ to learn more.