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What We Do

Peer5 operates the world’s largest peer-to-peer (p2p) content delivery network. We believe that the only way to make streaming video as scalable as broadcast television -- able to reach hundreds of millions or billions of simultaneous viewers -- is to employ a p2p architecture that enables streaming capacity to grow proportionally with streaming demand:

Video CDN Scales With P2P

Some facts about Peer5:

  • We serve over 30 million hours of video every month.
  • We handle 500 million video sessions per month.
  • We have served video in 235 out of the 249 countries on earth.
  • We’ve hit 98% peer efficiency for production clients, resulting in a 50x increase in video delivery capacity for such clients.

Our Story

We believe the Internet has strayed from its roots and become too centralized and inefficient. Today, streaming video accounts for 70% of all Internet traffic and broadcasters are already encountering huge scalability and stream quality issues due to a server-centric approach. This approach is rooted in the fact that, until recently, HTTP was the only communication protocol that web browsers supported. This meant that browsers could only communicate with HTTP servers. Then came WebRTC, which made it possible for browsers to communicate directly with other browsers.

When Google created WebRTC back in 2012, we saw an opportunity to create a truly seamless p2p service, one that did not require end users to install a proprietary p2p client. Now that WebRTC and the HTML5 <video> tag are broadly deployed, our vision of creating a massively distributed, infinitely scalable and geographically ubiquitous video CDN using only JavaScript has been realized!

Peer5 Streaming CDN Founders

The Serverless CDN

We coined the term “Serverless CDN”, which for us, really means that no servers are involved in the delivery of the bytes. However, we don’t aim to completely get rid of servers. Servers do the important work of ingesting, encoding, transmuxing and more. We believe that the optimal content delivery solution for broadcasters is a hybrid model where Peer5 is used in combination with their existing HTTP-based CDNs. Our goal is to enable limitless video delivery by unifying the existing server infrastructure with an elastic computing layer that grows with demand.


Our Team

We are a group of engineers and technologists with a passion for distributed computing. We have diverse experience across big data analytics, large-scale web application infrastructure, virtualization and networking. We like efficiency and are obsessed with performance.

We have offices in Palo Alto, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel.

If you have a passion for solving big problems and want to join the team, then check out our open positions.

P2P Video CDN Team

Our Name

Peer5 is a combination of the two fundamental building blocks of our service: Peer-to-Peer and HTML5. Our logo is based, in part, on the HTML5 logo by W3C.
The HTML5 logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, making it available for reuse and reimagining.
Peer5 Leverages HTML5 To Build Our WebRTC CDN.

Peer5 Streaming CDN Logo

Our Investors

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