Peer5 P2P CDN. WebRTC CDN.

Peer5 is a serverless WebRTC CDN for massively-scaled video streaming, providing a TV-grade broadcasting solution for the Internet. Peer5 turns peak demand issues into an advantage -- the more users that watch, the more effective the streaming becomes. By increasing content providers' streaming capacity by a factor of 50X, Peer5 is ensuring perfect video playback with no buffering for millions of viewers daily.

Our Team

Peer5 consists of experts with diverse experience across big data analytics, large-scale web application infrastructure, virtualization and networking. Founded in 2012, Peer5 has offices in Palo Alto, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our Video CDN Team. Building Our WebRTC CDN.

Our Mission

Today’s CDN infrastructure is highly centralized and fails to deal with growing web usage and the increasing demand for video content. Traditional server based networks create large delivery bottlenecks and are prone to failure, not to mention expensive and generally inefficient. Current challenges will only grow as the next generation of 4K videos and other streaming technologies are released.

We’re passionate about solving these problems, which is why we’re building a decentralized, Hybrid Server / P2P CDN that delivers videos quickly and with remarkable resilience during times when servers feel stress. Peer5, thanks in part to revolutionary technologies such as HTML5 and WebRTC, has been able to successfully create a P2P architecture that can be used directly in browser, without any clients or plugins.

Join us in our quest to make the web more distributed!

Peer5 P2P WebRTC CDN.

Sharing the vision

We are lucky to work with amazing investors and advisors including Upwest Labs, Hillsven Capital, The Foundry Group (Ryan McIntyre and Brad Feld), Jack Levin (Google's first network engineer) and many others through AngelList.

Peer5 & UpWest. Building The WebRTC CDN. Peer5 & Hillsven. Building The WebRTC CDN. Peer5 & Foundry Group. Building The WebRTC CDN.