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“We are dedicated to operating the world’s fastest, most resilient video delivery network, so every viewer is always connected to the best possible source.”

Peer5 first revolutionized the world of video delivery in 2012 by creating the largest peer-to-peer content delivery network. Today, the company continues to solve scalability and quality of experience issues for global media companies by operating the only multi-CDN infrastructure capable of streaming massive global events through one simple API. Peer5 powers decentralized video delivery for global Media and Enterprise companies including Turner, Fubo TV, Company Webcast, RTP, Grupo Clarin, Sony and others. We are dedicated to operating the world’s fastest, most resilient video delivery network, so every viewer is connected to the best possible source.

Hadar Weiss and Shachar Zohar

Our Story

Over the last 7 years of implemented our client-based delivery on top of virtually every CDN out there, we’ve optimized our p2p network and switching technologies for some of the most performance sensitive customers in streaming video, gaining insights, expertise and a point of view for how a modern video delivery stack should function and how to measure and monitor its performance. We are committed to building tools and designing strategies to bringing these ideas to life.

Our Team

We are a group of engineers and technologists with a passion for distributed computing. We have diverse experience across big data analytics, large-scale web application infrastructure, virtualization and networking. We like efficiency and are obsessed with performance.

Our offices are in Palo Alto, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel.

If you too have passion for solving big problems and want to join the team, check out our open positions.

P2P Video CDN Team

Our Name

Peer5 is a combination of the two fundamental building blocks of our founding service: Peer-to-Peer and HTML5. Our logo is based, in part, on the HTML5 logo by W3C.
The HTML5 logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, making it available for reuse and reimagining.
Peer5 Leverages HTML5 To Build Our WebRTC CDN.

Peer5 Streaming CDN Logo

Our Investors

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