The Fastest Multi CDN

Combines 12 CDNs, optimized for video.
Single API. One contract.

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Video Streaming CDN. P2P CDN For Live Video Streaming With WebRTC. Stronger Video Live Streaming CDN.

Peer5 Video CDN Customers
Turner Brazil uses Peer5's Video CDN "Peer5 provides consistent high quality delivery,
even in regions where we didn't have coverage before"

-- Flavio Menna Barreto, Director of Technology and Operations, Turner Brazil

Rated #1 CDN on Cedexis
Cedexis (Citrix) data shows that Peer5 MultiCDN has the best throughput and latency globally
Multi CDN as a Service
We've built a state-of-the-art multi CDN stack so you can
focus on building an awesome video service
Faster Streaming CDN Managed Solution All-in-one integrated service that includes
CDNs, switching and analytics
High Quality Video CDN Optimized for VideoWe manage and optimize the CDNs to work
well together. Fine-tuned for the best QoE
Scalable Streaming CDN Unified API and UI One API and dashboard to control all the
CDNs in a simple and consistent way
12 CDNs under one contract
Connect every viewer to the best possible video experience.
CDNs map
Designed for the highest quality of experience
Faster Streaming CDN CDN routing based on real video
sessions, not synthetic data
High Quality Video CDN Fine-tuned for best throughput with
QUIC, BBR and origin shielding
Scalable Streaming CDN Get around CDN hiccups with
client-side mid-segment switching
Video CDN Shrinks Bandwidth Costs Last mile delivery with peer-to-peer is
used for extra coverage