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Increase your video delivery capacity by 50x
More users = Better performance

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Video Streaming CDN. P2P CDN For Live Video Streaming With WebRTC. Stronger Video Live Streaming CDN.

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Peer5 Video CDN Customers
Dailymotion uses Peer5's Video CDN "By using Peer5, we improved our technology stack, increased
streaming resiliency, and reduced costs by 50%"

-- Guillaume du Pontavice, Dailymotion & hls.js author
An Infinitely Scalable Video CDN
Peer5 turns viewers into a p2p network that offloads up to 98% of CDN bandwidth
Peer5 Video CDN Scalability
Making The Internet More Decentralized,
The Way It Was Designed To Be
Instead of constantly deploying servers, Peer5 solves the video
delivery problem by unlocking the distributed computing resources of viewers.
Peer5 is the world's first WebRTC-based CDN. Read our story.
Faster Streaming CDN Faster Streaming Users stream from multiple sources and
rebuffer less when using our streaming CDN.
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High Quality Video CDN Longer SessionsViewers have longer sessions because
Peer5 significantly improves stream quality.
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Scalable Streaming CDN Scalable CDN Video streaming CDN expands server capacity
by up to 50x during live streaming events.
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Video CDN Shrinks Bandwidth Costs Server Offloading Reduce video streaming CDN bandwidth by up
to 98% with our P2P live streaming CDN.
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Peer5 And NYRA Streaming CDN Partnership "Within one hour, Peer5 was already in production on top of our Akamai CDN"
-- Tom Thill, NYRA
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