The Serverless CDN

A scalable, affordable video streaming CDN.
More traffic means a stronger P2P network.

Video Live Streaming CDN, Without Servers. P2P Video CDN.

Video Streaming CDN. P2P CDN For Live Video Streaming With WebRTC. Stronger Video Live Streaming CDN.

How Our Video Streaming CDN Works

"Peer5's P2P video streaming CDN solves the growing problem of live streaming by helping publishers lower their bandwidth costs, while improving video stream quality"


Live Streaming CDN Benefits

  • Faster Streaming Users load video streams faster and rebuffer less when using our streaming CDN. Streaming CDN FAQ
  • Longer Sessions Viewers watch streams for longer with our P2P video CDN than they do without it. Streaming CDN FAQ
  • Scalable CDN Video streaming CDN expands server capacity by 20x during live streaming events. Streaming CDN FAQ
  • Server Offloading Publishers reduce video streaming bandwidth by up to 96% with P2P live streaming. Streaming CDN FAQ