User powered web

Deliver content using our fast browser mesh network


Our Secret Sauce

Designated real-time
p2p networks
helping deliver data.

When consumers watch the same content online, they seamlessly share that great experience with one another.

Both get a smooth experience, and the Internet gets a lot less congested.

What you get?


Worry no more whether your servers will hold. The more users you have the better experience they will get.


Cut down on your bandwidth and compute costs by more than half for your popular content.


Make your content move faster, creating less buffering for video and less wait-time for files.


Open Source

We love open source, use open source and believe in open source.

Therefore we maintain some of our code under open source license

Wanna see how things works? Get involved in our community?

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A renowned p2p filesharing in the browser. Instant, anonymous without servers

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